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Almost every day customers come in and while chatting about their vehicle, like clock work, I'm asked how we got started, where did I get my experience, where did I work prior, and everything in between. 


My interest in all things mechanical derived from my dad who was a machinist.  Remembering as far back as I can, he was always a hands on kind of guy with tools all over the house. I would often use his tools (typically without his approval) to disassemble and inspect how everything worked from the wash machine to the lawn mower.  Starting when I was 15 years old, I purchased my first car which was in a state of near disrepair.  My love for working on cars began immediately that day!  It wasn't long before I owned several cars that I would repair, sell for a small profit, and quickly purchase my next project.   At this time I would buy and sell almost any make and model that I could get my hands on in my free time.  While repairing vehicles on the side was always a hobby and source of extra income from a small shop I rented in Milwaukee, I maintained a full time job in a few automotive and mechanical industries anywhere from building full race sprint cars to welding and assembling nuclear power plant heat ex-changers. This mix of experiences refined my mostly self taught skills into a professional level of mechanical ability which I later solidified by becoming an ASE certified auto technician.


My niche for European automobiles started over a decade ago when it was my dream to own a BMW 3-series of my own.  After searching the area for one in my price range, I settled for one that had a clean body, but did not run or drive.  I started this project feeling a little overwhelmed with German engineering and the complexity of their designs.  Immediately upon starting the repairs, I realized how naturally I was able to understand their designs and order of assembly.  My first BMW was up and running better than ever and I began my quick transition to the European automotive world.  Within just a few months my clientele searching to purchase used European cars grew so large I decided to turn my passion for this hobby into a full time career.  Still being located on the east side of Milwaukee, I decided to name my shop "Milwaukee Motorwerks".  Customers began asking and calling to find out if I would also perform repairs and maintenance on cars sold to them and cars of their friends and family.  Word of mouth spread quickly about my friendly and honest customer service for a market primarily dominated by dealerships.  After just one year my customer base grew so large I was inclined to upgrade to larger facility and begin employing mechanics.  In 2008 I relocated to a more convenient Waukesha area building, where the majority of my customers found it to be easier access.  Since moving, I have grown my business into one of the largest and highly recommended European automotive repair shops in southeast Wisconsin.  I would like to personally thank all of my customers who have recommended my repair shop to friends, family and co-workers, making us the successful business we are today!  I still enjoy this career, once hobby, so much, my days at work, don't feel like work at all!

Brian J Hinterberg


Brian J Hinterberg


Master Mechanic

ASE Certified

MACS Certified

ASME Certified

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