Milwaukee Motorwerks is southern Wisconsin's most highly recommended independent repair
shop. We offer European specific vehicle repair through our convenient location.  You'll get
the personalized attention you and your car need with our friendly and welcoming staff.  Our
team of expert technicians have years of Euro specific training and on the job experience
needed to properly repair your vehicle correctly and quickly.  European vehicles require special
attention and servicing knowledge held only by experts. Time and time again, we see
improperly maintained vehicles pass through our garage doors that were once serviced by
your typical corner repair shop, only to find their lack of proper knowledge led to catastrophic
failure of important vehicle components, costing valuable time and money.  European vehicles
are designed with specific requirements not commonly found else were.  Milwaukee
Motorwerks houses the know-how to keep your ride rolling for years to come, just as they are
designed.  Its typical of our technicians to see customer vehicles in excellent running
condition with 250,000 miles or more!  

Our shop contains the proper diagnostic computer systems that are as powerful as the
dealership.  We are able to read, diagnose, and clear error codes in every single module and
system found in BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Sprinters. And most
modules in Volvo, Land Rover / Range Rover, and Jaguar.  Our newest BMW software
purchased in 2014 is capable of programming all BMW modules except the DME, avoiding
costly visits to the dealership for what used to be dealer specific programming needs.  Unlike
many other repair facilities, Milwaukee Motorwerks does NOT charge for module error code

Call or email today to receive a free quote for your next service repair.  Stranded and don't
have time to shop around?  Use one of our professional towing services listed under our
locations pages and feel confident in our staff knowing we have serviced thousands of
European vehicles and left our customers pleasantly surprised with our pricing and service.  
Customers are pleased when our quotes are accurate. Having serviced European vehicles for
years, we see patterns in required service and are able to price exactly what parts require
replacement and the proper time needed.  Milwaukee Motorwerks stocks hundreds of common
parts that fail, this way we can have you in and out and back on the road quicker than any
other repair facility.  Call or stop by today, and leave the rest to us!
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BMW 135, 335 or 535? Milwaukee
Motorwerks is an authorized dealer for
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